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you are the virus

August 23, 2020 By godfrey

Source: https://pieceofmindful.com/2020/04/06/bombshell-who-coronavirus-pcr-test-primer-sequence-is-found-in-all-human-dna/#more-85486 BOMBSHELL: WHO Coronavirus PCR Test Primer Sequence is Found in All Human DNA This was important enough that I wanted to get it out immediately. My research into the […]

gm humans

June 21, 2020 By godfrey

Some people do not like this information. It is quoted that Anti-VAXers proliferate this lie to support their sick cause to make us all ill and spread misinformation. The bottom […]

altered state

May 29, 2020 By godfrey

Source: Walking Times In light of the conversation and growing debate about the rapid development of a Covid-19 vaccine, many are watching closely to see who wins the race. There is […]

source code

May 24, 2020 By godfrey

Are exosomes the transport mechanism of the source code of our DNA? The source code being the original version 1.0 (The baseline using IT terminology) of the faultless human biology. […]

frankenstein is real

May 23, 2020 By godfrey

The virus we are told is covid-19 is something that Dr Frankenstein would be proud of! Dr Andrew Kaufman cannot find any paper that clearly states the virus was correctly […]