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the real world government

May 3, 2021 By godfrey

An insider close to the Bill Clinton reveals how the power actually works world wide. Circles within circles controlling all central banks. Clinton is a very big part of the […]

science has always been a religion

April 11, 2021 By godfrey

The mouthpieces of the scientific establishment have identified the latest global security threat: antiscience. So what does that mean, exactly? Whatever they want it to mean, of course! This week […]

who is the who part 2

August 22, 2020 By godfrey

Where was part one? Not sure some but it rhymed! All I know is we did not vote for them and I do not agree with them. Here is a […]

phase 2 /second wave

June 19, 2020 By godfrey

The ocean is coming in and you cannot resist. You will drown. But the pools are closed so I can’t practice! China is locking down again! Are we next? Update: […]