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trump was always in the swamp

April 14, 2021 By godfrey

He said this recently – “The Biden Administration did a terrible disservice to people throughout the world by allowing the FDA and CDC to call a pause in the use […]

Zombies are imminent

March 31, 2021 By godfrey

I have felt for some months that there was a need for a summary of what has happened so far – a simple summary which could be used to help […]

The Hunchback of Victoria

February 15, 2021 By godfrey

Breaking News: Victoria, Australia in lockdown again. Dan Andrews is a corrupt politician in my opinion which is  based on verifiable facts. If there was any benefit of any doubt […]

wear a mask?

March 28, 2020 By godfrey

This video disagrees with our beloved ABC (that take 1 billion tax payer funds and are clearly left wing – yes Sky News is right leaning but at least I […]