How Far Will this Genocide go?

May 2, 2021 By godfrey

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“Many states in the U.S. are now reporting that they have stock piles of COVID doses from the experimental shots that are not being used up as demand for them is now decreasing.

So far, most people in the U.S. who have received these experimental shots have done so voluntarily. The exceptions are children, and those mentally challenged. (See: LA County Sheriff Going Home to Home Forcibly Injecting Handicapped Adults and Children with COVID-19 Shots Against Their Will.)

As many dissenting doctors and scientists have now stated publicly, this is a population control medical endeavor as there are no scientific or medical reasons that can justify unleashing experimental shots on the public.

The people at the top controlling this are evil. They are censoring all other therapies that can be used effectively to fight viruses like this one and the seasonal flu, for the purpose of rolling out these experimental products that we are seeing now affect not only those being injected, but in many cases those who have not been injected as well who come in close proximity to the injected population.

It is entirely possible that all child-bearing females who survive the injections will become infertile and never be able to bear children.

This is genocide: death by injection. It’s time to STOP sanitizing this. We need to start using the correct terms.

The only shots being fired right now are coming from a needle. This country is now occupied by enemy forces, and they basically annexed the U.S. without a fight because a majority of the public complied with their evil plans willingly.

What is coming next as they target the “vaccine hesitant”?

The Constitution of the United States is still in force, and the Second Amendment gives you a legal reason to protect yourself and your family from evil people determined to kill you.

They are the law breakers. If you stand your ground and do whatever is necessary to protect yourself and your family from their intent to kill or seriously harm you, you are acting within the legal rights protected by our Constitution.

Don’t be confused on this point! Because many who are have already been killed, and now they’re coming after the children.”

The writer goes on to say they have had death threats and will continue to publish until they no longer can and whoever comes better prepare themselves too…

This has been a somewhat interesting video blog from the man who calls himself Tim Truth. The numbers do not look good (surely they assumed this?) and they know people are downloading it, analysing it so they are now doing what they do best – hiding reality. If you assume between 1-10% of adverse events are actually reported you might be in the ballpark by multiplying what they report by a factor of at least 10 if not more. I imagine that we could lose a many millions people although who can know because they do not allow travel and for good reason. The shot is the weapon.

Now we have the shedding theory that is emerging? A doctor I watched reported he will not allow the injected to visit his surgery for 30 days initially because he has many female patients that he is deeply concerned for and justifiability so. This fits in with the Gates conspiracy to reduce population. You see it in his eyes sometimes when he touches on the subject although I would be told it is my active imagination. Could this be a fear tactic? Is there a magic particle floating in the air? Would be appropriate to be cautious but not fearful for now?

Yesterday I saw very prominent channel 9 news anchor display his demonic friend in his facial features while urging the public to receive the mark.. I mean the injection. (Mind slip sorry folks) There was a cross between intense anger, hate, fear and desperate desire. (My apologies it – must be my overactive imagination again.) He was just just a little bit too enthusiastic about the shot and perhaps the content creator paused it just at the right moment. It jumped out and made me feel sick. He knows I thought, he knows…

The presenter of the video mentioned that the covid thing was not listed under the government health page as a actual vaccine. Fancy that! They let us know what it was. Something more than a simple poison, something far more sinister. No, no sorry my mother always said I had an over active imagination. Just ignore that.

New: The following video applies to the shedding

The controlled opposition is now inventing the shedding?