Is Dr. Andrew Kaufman more controlled opposition?

April 30, 2021 By godfrey

I have enjoyed many of Dr Kaufman’s videos on the validity of the virus theory and the covid isolation. I hear so many people parroting – “It was never isolated,” without actually understanding and using it as a crucifix to the covid instigators. He was the go to man for the freedom movement and you will find many videos here as I have enjoyed his content for the facts contained. (I remained suspicious for some reason) Here are some red flags for me that have come out recently. The most vibrant one is being Jewish. It should not automatically discount people however once you get down to it you realise that they are very closely inter-meshed. Their loyalty is exclusively to their own and at the very least given preference to over gentiles. This tactic of controlled opposition is their speciality. I mean they are brilliant at it. For me this is a very recent realisation as my background is a Zionistic church believer. I was fairly well indoctrinated since I was 16 years old to love Israel and see anything Jewish more special then other races even myself (if that is a race).

When I saw the picture of him with Governor Cuomo that made alarm bells ring. I do not worship anyone and listen to content on face value as I learn more as time progresses. Below is a podcast highlighting this theory many months ago by a very cynical individual. But that feeling crept in as more Jewish content came in to his podcasts. Why bring up the holocaust now? Covid is the new holocaust? What controlled opposition do is get you to a place where you are exposed, vulnerable and you chant their truths aggressively. This leads to you being labelled and identified as an enemy of the that state. Then they have you. I was thinking about this today and the term, “followers”. Followers of whom and what?

The podcast just happened to cover that subject and the timing was impeccable and another lesson learnt. I also heard a person on the same station tell everyone that the bible was Jewish and it was complete basis of his argument – all Christians are deluded Jewish slaves and then he heaped Christianity in to Judaism. The man clearly has zero idea on that subject and probably never read much of the New Testament or old for that matter. Early followers of the way 2k ago must not have known that as they were driven out of Jerusalem and the jew of the time Saul murdered them so there is that which completely destroys his arguments – as in total lack of historical reference. Paul the ex-murderer of the followers of the way was passionate about this very subject and confronted Peter so again his argument has as many holes as wet paper bag.

Decide for yourself however a Google search looking for pictures came up blank using the “Cuomo + Dr Andrew Kaufman” – another interesting observation. So far the following people are on the list of cannot be trusted in addition to Dr Kaufman.

  • David Icke
  • Alex Jones!
  • RFK Junior
  • Many more I am sure I have forgotten.

The rules are now pretty simple.

  • Jewish name – Jewish – potential controlled opposition likely.
  • New Age or follower of the new age in any way – same as above.

Feel free to add to this list below in comments.

I have heard Dr Vernon Coleman say that we should not be fighting amongst each other and I agree fundamentally however the infiltrators do not play by any rules what so ever. They ensure they are strategically placed on the winning side so they can start the task of dismantling the good just created. Every time they stack their odds further ensuring both sides are thoroughly populated by their own. They get better while we seem to get worse. Finally the opposition voices are exclusively their own and they cannot lose. I imagine it has occurred over and over again for millennia. We seem to forget the mistakes made in history because they rewrite it and learn from it. They remember and we stay ignorant.

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all of your ways and he will make your path straight.