escalation of chem trails

April 2, 2021 By godfrey

I was one of those people who not too long ago saw the cloud planes fly through the beautiful blue skies and thought how nice they looked. What were they were actually trying to achieve? When I began to learn about the real truth during the past year of this covid war I was disgusted and wondered how could the pilots knowingly pour carcinogens over us? It was beyond me. Perhaps they do not think they are actually perpetrating death on us. But more than likely they are criminals for purposely obeying malignant beings who once were humans and who are murdering us all directly or indirectly by ecosystem collapse we depend on for life.

Last week I personally witnessed “spider webs” falling from no-where. Barely visible but only in some angles of sunlight I felt them touch my face like so many times before and despaired that I could do nothing except dress in an environment suit while I exercise. Then came the onset of itchiness. Sometimes so bad that it was like crawling over my whole body all night so I felt exhausted for days and very moody and irritated all the time. Was that all in my mind or was it EMF combined with the nano-web? I do not know. No one except the crazy climate engineering man will speak of it and if you even suggest it people will look at you like you were suffering from leprosy.

I have never been a witness to such mass deception in my life. Or perhaps I was just unaware or in too much pain to want to know. Every day my heart beats inside me like it is on fire – but not as you think. Spiritual pain that cannot be avoided or numbed by anything. Every morning I awake knowing the looming doom eternal is coming. There is a massive increase in chemical clouds over the last 24h hours. Are they planning on something big and is this occurring everywhere?

13:57 pm
17:30 pm
small nano fibres that can be included on payloads

I am very itchy currently – could just be dry skin but when filling up the car I multiple impacts of spider webs where none should be and I also saw them shimmering in the sun and coming down in great numbers. I feel like throttling Bill Gates scrawny neck – put me in a room with him someone please! (I know that can never happen but he admitted he is modifying climate)

3 April 2021: Sky is clear today but that does not mean they could have bombarded us at night. That would also make sense so it does not become an obvious pattern to the few who notice it. I will post more as I see them.